Food for Thought

Brain fuel
Bread, pasta, cereals and potatoes are filling and packed with starchy carbohydrates, which release energy slowly, meaning you can keep going for longer. Fruit and vegetables give you essential vitamins and minerals – aim for at least five portions a day. Meat, fish, pulses, milk and dairy foods are good sources of protein. Moderate amounts are essential for a healthy diet.

Drink plenty of fluids
Dehydrated brains don’t think clearly and water is healthier than sweet, fizzy drinks.

Staying hidden away in your bedroom can often seem like the best option when revision time is short, but a bit of time in the great outdoors can help you relax.

If you can’t get out, at least get up and out of your chair for a stretch and go for a wander. Better still, go for a swim or put on your trainers or football boots and give your mind and body a workout.