Keep your business ahead of the rest by recruiting the right people. Inject fresh talent into your workforce by taking on an apprentice, hiring pre-screened candidates to fill permanent, part-time or seasonal roles or offering a work placement. With no recruitment fees to pay, our dedicated Account Manager will work you to provide you with the right candidates for your requirements. 


An Apprenticeship is a combination of employment and work-based qualification. Apprentices are employed by you, paid a small wage and spend most of their time in your workplace gaining job specific skills, plus attend college (usually one day per week) to study their qualification. If you are looking to hire new staff or train your existing employees, apprenticeships are a great way to gain fresh talent and keep staff costs lower. As the largest college provider of apprenticeships in west London we work across 20 different industries and help you to make the most out of the Apprenticeship Scheme. We will screen candidates and assist you with the recruitment of new apprentices or enable your existing employees to become apprentices.

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Work Placement

Work placements are short term work with a student working with your business for 1-2 weeks. The student works on business activities as assigned by the employer and agreed with Uxbridge College. You do not have to pay any salary to the student.

The benefits of work placements with Uxbridge College are:
  • There is no charge for this service
  • Get an Uxbridge College student interested in your business sector
  • Short-term commitment
  • Identify potential recruits for the future
  • Contribute to the career development of a student
  • Raise your company’s profile within your community


A new government programme for young people who want to work, but need extra help before they can gain an apprenticeship or a job. They consist of work placements and work skills training, combined with study in English and maths. You can benefit from extra help for your business!

Who are they for?
  • Young people aged 16-23 who are job ready and near to finding employment
  • need to improve their skills to enhance their confidence & experience
  • are enthusiastic and committed young people
  • may be in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) or other benefits.
What will the Trainee do?
  • Receive support from Uxbridge College with employability skills, plus English and maths to GCSE level
  • Attend a work placement of between 100 - 240 hours
  • Carry out duties and activities that you have specified.
How do you get involved?

  • Call Uxbridge College to discuss how a traineeship would benefit your company
  • Agree a placement, between 100-240 hours for up to 30 hours per week, for one or more trainees that are matched to your requirements. You don’t pay wages - placements are free.
  • Maintain contact with Uxbridge College during the placement
  • At the end of the programme, provide an exit interview (or job/apprenticeship if available) and a formal reference.
We have placements ready to start – call us to get involved.

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