Updated College Covid-Safety Guidance - please click here to read

All staff and students are encouraged to take an LFD test twice a week.

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The majority of our full-time courses are around 16 taught hours per week. All student timetables include a mix of in-class and independent study time. We encourage the development of skills and students have to organise their time and learn independence to equip them with the skills that will be expected of them when they progress to Higher Education or into employment.

We take our student's learning seriously and have policies in place to ensure they are treated farily. Please click on the links to view the policies:

Student views are an essential part of decision-making at all levels. Every student is encouraged to share his or her opinions about life at the College, either individually, or through elected student representatives. The Student Executive, consisting entirely of students, works together with staff to ensure there is a great enrichment programme. This has included days out to museums and theme parks, theatre trips and awareness raising events such as managing your finances, healthy lifestyles and events showcasing cultural and ethnic diversity. We encourage our students to get involved and enjoy the social side of College alongside their studies.

College students have a strong tradition of fundraising and supporting others. Thousands of pounds worth of aid for local and national charities has been raised over the years, with many of the activities led by the Student Executive.

Sports and leisure activities are available and offered for all students - many activities are free. The College also has sports academies for football, cricket and basketball, which welcome students from any course that are competent sports people playing at a competitive level in one of the these sports.