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DSC 0650Fashion, graphic design and games design, fine art, sculpture, photography and installation art were among the wide range of exhibits at Uxbridge College’s end-of-year Reveal event.

The annual show showcased Final Major Project pieces by students from across Creative Studies subjects on UAL courses at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Students unleashed their creativity to produce a diverse range of exhibits. Examples included Theodore Carter’s fashion brand, The Visual Collective, which pulled together his skills from his studies on Level 2 Art & Design and Level 3 Graphic Design. Theodore will be going on to study at Chelsea College of Arts. Holly Hamilton (pictured) created an installation inspired by the campaign to cut the amount of plastic pollution in our seas, while Katie Alford used her travels as a jumping off point for her 3D heads and colourful map.

Reveal was launched on Open Day at the Uxbridge campus which gave prospective students and their families a chance to see the diverse work, as well as friends and families of the artists.

David Storer, Course Team Leader for Art and Design, who organised the show, said: “This was a really interesting collection with students having the added challenge of making sure everything was perfect in time for Open Day! I think it made a great impression on our visitors and we got loads of positive comments. As is the case each year we’ve got quite a number of students going onto degree courses at a range of prestigious institutions thanks to their achievements at Uxbridge College. We are extremely proud of them and will be looking out for their work across the creative industries in the years ahead.”

Dorothy Koomson Murtaza and Shelley 1200 DSC 0051Pictured: Murtaza Ahmadi, winner of 'Best Reviews Overall' Award with bestselling author Dorothy Koomson (left) and Shelley Cawley, Learning Resources Manager at Uxbridge College.

Hit author Dorothy Koomson, whose bestselling books include My Best Friend’s Girl and The Ice Cream Girls, was the guest of honour at Uxbridge College’s Reading Ahead 2018 awards.

Dorothy signed copies of her book The Beach Wedding, which was given away to student completers of this year’s national challenge which is run by The Reading Agency. She also presented awards and talked about her life and career, including writing stories for her friends when she was still at school! Dorothy is internationally renowned for her novels, which have been included on the Richard & Judy Summer Reads shortlist and made into a drama for ITV. Her most recent book is The Brighton Mermaid published earlier this year.

A total of 900 students took part in the challenge across the college this year including 350 ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students based at Hayes as well as Functional Skills students from Uxbridge campus. Dorothy attended signings at LRCs at both sites.

Shelley Cawley, Learning Resources Manager at Uxbridge College, who co-ordinated Reading Ahead this year at the college, said: “It was amazing to have a bestselling author like Dorothy Koomson at the awards ceremonies - she was a real inspiration and a great role model in so many ways. This year Uxbridge College has supported the highest number of ESOL students yet to complete the challenge, and more students in ESOL classes have completed than the total number across college. This is a huge achievement as most ESOL learners were unable to speak, read or write English at the start of their courses.”

Genevieve Clarke from The Reading Agency said: “We are delighted that Uxbridge College continues to have such success with our Reading Ahead programme. We know that it is particularly valued by ESOL learners for whom reading is an ideal pathway to increased vocabulary and comprehension skills.”

This year the challenge has focused on supporting English language skills for ESOL learners and others who needed support in this area, and included students completing some of their reviews in a timed exercise in class to help them prepare for their exams.

Reading material included topical articles about the death of Stephen Hawking and his legacy following his death in March, and the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as The Journey by Francesca Sanna, a book based on interviews with refugees and echoing the journeys of a number of Uxbridge College students.

The Reading Agency is a charity supported with funding from Arts Council England. The Reading Agency is the leading charity inspiring people of all ages and all backgrounds to read for pleasure and empowerment. Working with partners, their aim is to make reading accessible to everyone. Reading Ahead, run through public libraries, colleges, prisons and workplaces, is one of a number of initiatives run by the charity to support this aim.

Special Award winners were:

First Completer: Shrilekshmi Suja
6 Reviews In 6 Days Winner: Sabrina Akter Rima
Best Reviews Overall: Murtaza Ahmadi
Best Review: Mohamed Abouelhana

Copy of Hair Show 2018 386From ghastly ghouls to beautiful brides, this year’s Freestyle Hair & Beauty catwalk show gave students a chance to demonstrate their professional skills.

The dynamic Level 2 and 3 Hair, Beauty and Media Make-up students both created and modelled hair, make-up and costume inspired by diverse sources. They even danced, sang and acted in the show, which was performed to friends and family in The Edge theatre at Hayes Campus.

The signs of the Zodiac, Hollywood glamour, 1980s hits such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the forces of nature were among the themes for the night, which was sponsored by Dennis Williams.

Around 150 students took part, spending just two weeks preparing for the show starting with creating mood boards, designing their looks, sourcing and making costumes, learning dance routines and putting it all together on the night.

The show was opened by Performing Arts student Rachel Morgan who sang and played the guitar, and supported by technicians and additional dancers from the department. Lisa Edwards and Tasmen Styles compered the show, which they organised with Cheryl Robinson.

Louise Southam, Head of Hair, Beauty & Hospitality, Early Years and Performing Arts, said: “This was a fantastic show and we are so proud of the professionalism of everyone who took part. It is so impressive that not only do they create their looks from scratch but take part as models and performers no matter how shy and retiring they might be in their usual roles! This annual show is a fantastic showcase for the whole range of Hair and Beauty skills and great experience for everyone.”

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