Lockdown Learning at Harrow College & Uxbridge College (HCUC) - click here to find out more

Covid Measures on Campus - click here to find out more


Remote delivery at Harrow College & Uxbridge College (HCUC).

Your remote lessons will be taught live and follow your full-timetable.

From September until December, the significant majority of delivery at HCUC was onsite as the College worked to provide the most effective learning experience for all student cohorts.

From 5 January 2021, the significant majority of teaching and learning is remote at Harrow College & Uxbridge Colleges. Remote lessons are taught live, follow your full-timetable and offer the full-guided learning hours of your programme.

Full-time students continue to receive all parts of a study-programme including English & maths and tutorial remotely. Part-time adults are being provided their full guided learning hours. Similarly, apprentices continue to be provide their 20% off the job training remotely and in full.

Students also have access to virtual learning environments (for example, Google Classroom and Moodle) and your teachers will continue to advise you of the location of your ongoing work.

There is limited onsite delivery currently taking place. This is agreed by the Senior Leadership Team and is targeted at e.g. vocational and technical exams including preparation where these must take place now.

The estate has been well prepared to meet the CV19 safety and where permission is agreed can be accessed safely by learners - by invitation only.

If you are invited in for delivery and you have symptoms, you have been told you need to self-isolate or you are still waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test, do not come onsite. Please contact us and we will discuss next steps with you.


Many exams have been postponed and we will continue to update guidance. The College is in regular contact with the Department for Education and Awarding Bodies. Our focus is to ensure our students are not disadvantaged.

There is limited onsite assessment planned, e.g. vocational and technical exams including priority preparation where these must take place now. The estate has been well prepared to meet the CV19 safety. We will contact you directly if we need to you to come onsite for an assessment in the next week/s. If you are invited in for an exam and you need to self-isolate we will work with you to best ensure you are not disadvantaged- do not come onsite.

1. A Levels & GCSEs

While summer exams have been cancelled, GCSE, AS and A Level student grades will likely be based on teacher assessment in combination with (1) a breadth of student work to inform teachers’ judgements AND (2) a national externally set task or paper- all to be confirmed by Ofqual.

HCUC A Level & GCSE students- the message to you is to complete all work until the end of your course and attend 100% of lessons. This is needed to evidence your final grade as these WILL NOT be calculated on pre-lockdown work only as per last year.

2. Vocational, Technical Qualifications including BTEC, C&G, UAL & ESOL, Functional Skills

January exams & assessments will only continue where the colleges judge it is right to do so. HCUC, like most colleges, has taken a cautious, Health & Safety led approach to this – postponing the majority of exams. Very limited exams are taking place in January for targeted students – we will contact you.

Exams from February - some exams will be cancelled and others which provide a licence to practice or have units testing safety related content will continue e.g. electrical. Apprenticeships, Functional Skills or ESOL will also continue. HCUC’s Heads of Schools are now developing plans to bring students onsite safely to prepare and assess students for exams. Targeted risk-assessments and strict criteria will be followed and we will contact you if you are to be assessed onsite.

All of this is yet to be confirmed by Ofqual- we will update as guidance changes.

HCUC students- the message to you is to complete all work until the end of your course and attend 100% of lessons. This is needed to evidence your final grade as these WILL NOT be calculated on pre-lockdown work only, as per last year.

Expectations of all HCUC students during the current lockdown:

1. DO NOT ASSUME your grade will be calculated. All qualifications will require more evidence.
2. ATTEND your full timetable including English & Maths. We continue to complete all attendance registers.
3. COMPLETE ALL UNITS and work set by your teachers. You need to hand in all work as this will be required to evidence your grade.
4. GO THE EXTRA MILE- you have an opportunity to get a high grade. Challenge yourself to complete your best work.
6. ATTEND EXAMS IF YOU ARE ASKED to - this will only be for an important onsite assessment and will be completed safely. Do attend.

For students studying courses that require specialist equipment and support for students without adequate access to IT or a suitable environment for learning

Individual students may require access to specialist kit, software or workshop facilities and the College will want to support this where it can be provided safely.

1. Specialist kit: teachers are able to invite students onsite in CV19 safe group sizes to access specialist kit, software or workshop facilities. Plans will be developed by school managers and agreed by the Senior Leadership Team. Your teacher will contact you directly if we need to you to come onsite to access kit/software in the next week/s.

2. Poor access to IT kit, wifi, laptops etc: Some students have reported access to challenges at home, impacting on their remote learning (eg. poor internet access or no access to a laptop). We have contacted a number of students to either invite them onsite to access college IT kit or in some examples to lend a student laptop or Chromebook. Please speak to your teacher now if you are having trouble accessing your remote lessons.

Support for students with SEND. Support for wider vulnerable students.

We remain open to vulnerable students.

We have a small number of EHC SEND students continuing to access onsite delivery now. Do contact learning support or your teacher if you are not currently accessing onsite resources and you would like to do so and we will then advise if this can be agreed.

Other groups of vulnerable students have been (or will be as this work continues) contacted by Student or Learning Support, by their School managers or by teachers. We will work with you to decide if you accessing delivery onsite is the best and most supportive option for you to achieve your best.

Vulnerable groups that will have been (or will be) contacted include: students with EHCs, young people on the edge of receiving support from children’s social care services, adopted children, those at risk of becoming ‘not in employment, education or training’ (NEET), those living in temporary accommodation, those who are young carers, those who may have difficulty engaging with remote education at home (for example due to a lack of devices or quiet space to study) , others at the provider and local authority’s discretion, including students who need to attend to receive support or manage risks to their mental health.

Individual students in the above groups may require access to onsite IT kit or onsite support. If you are in one of the above groups, and not currently accessing onsite resources or onsite support and you would benefit from this –please contact your teacher, school administrator, learning or student support now and we will then advise if this can be agreed.

Harrow College & Uxbridge College (HCUC)
15 January 2021



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