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Construction, Building Services/Plumbing

Overview of the HVAC systems
Control Basics

  • An overview of the controls process
  • Sensors and field devices, what are they and how they are used
  • Understanding how a controller works
  • Describe and understand how controlled devices are used.

    Introduction to Direct Digital Control (DDC)
  • Introduction to DDC’s what they are and the functions they can perform
  • Common terminologies associated with DDC controllers
  • Fundamentals of PID Loop control
  • Examining the fundamental programming blocks used to create a DDC configuration
  • What is a DDC program?
  • Understanding of DDC logic and how programs work
  • Networking and communication principles.

    Programming fundamentals
  • Why we create programs
  • How to read a specification
  • Understanding programming blocks
  • Build real world programs
  • Using MAXCon the engineering tool.

    iComm comms server
  • Understand the Comms server application
  • Simple configuration tips
  • Transferring programs to a DDC.

    Project simulation
  • Using simulation DDC
  • Testing your logic.

    MAXMon fundamentals
  • Test and commission DDC programs
  • Backing up
  • Fine tune your DDC configuration
    All software supplied which can be used post training as required.
  • Entry requirements
    • Basic computer skills
    • Good communication skills.
  • Who is the course for?

    To meet the technical skills gap in the BMS sector we have developed this industry controls course in conjunction with Innotech Controls Ltd. There is an increasing requirement for
    facilities/maintenance technicians, plumbers and electricians to understand these systems as they are likely to come across them during their usual line of work now or in the future. The course will cover many aspects from BMS/HVAC hardware, controls theory fundamentals and hands on applications engineering that can then be applied in industry.

  • Study methods
    • Open book assessments
    • Hand book and other recourses
    • Class based delivery
    • 50% theory 50% Practical.
      Please note: Candidates need to ensure they have at least 4 hours of free time each week to study the documentation provided during the lessons and complete the weekly homework tasks.
  • How is the course assessed?
    • 50% theory assessment open book
    • 50% practical open book.
  • More information

    This is a full cost commercial course and all students pay fees, no concessions are available.

    ‘Fee refunds for commercial courses will not be awarded after two weeks before the scheduled start date of
    the course, unless the course is cancelled by the College.’

    Certification is based upon the achievement of the passing the course content and paying the fees in full.

    Once you have clicked the Enrol Now button and completed and submitted your online application, Sanjay Suri, Commercial Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) will be in touch to discuss your application further.

  • Where Next – Job Opportunities
    • BMS Servicing
    • BMS Applications engineering
    • BMS Commissioning
    • BMS project design.
  • Where Next – Further Studies
    • Advanced controls applications
    • HVAC BMS applications
    • Service and commissioning
    • Further Innotech courses
  • How to apply

    This course requires an informal telephone interview. Please click the Apply Now button to fill out the application form with your details and we will be in touch to arrange a time to contact you.

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