Part-Time (Adults)


It may surprise you to know that around one million adults study in colleges across England.

In fact, most students in the further education sector are adults rather than recent school-leavers.

They include students on university-level courses, people studying for a new career or a promotion, those who want to return to education and enjoy learning something new and some who just want to learn the life skills we all need to get on.

It’s even possible to do an adult apprenticeship, allowing you to earn while learning on the job.

You can study full or part-time. Most of the courses we offer are open to adult students. In addition, most of our part-time courses, as well as those above Level 3 (A-Level-equivalent) have almost entirely adult-only classes.

As you make the transition to college, you will be offered careful professional advice about your study options, fees and the best next steps to meet your career aspirations.

In addition, you can look forward to enjoying your college experience with like-minded teachers and students who share your vocational interest.

Courses for Adults