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At Harrow, Richmond, and Uxbridge Colleges (HRUC) we're not just about education; we're about transformation. Our innovative approach goes beyond the classroom, and it's all about you – our exceptional students.

The Elevate Personal Development Programme at HRUC is an exciting path to becoming a well-rounded, confident, and empowered individual.  From careers to charity work, trips to tutorials, student voice to volunteering; you will have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and Elevate your college journey through new experiences beyond the curriculum.

The Elevate offer will be made up of a series of strands shown below, with each college offering a consistent, yet uniquely tailored experience. 


Join the Elevate Community: This isn't just about individual growth; it's about building lasting connections. Meet like-minded peers, explore your interests, and enhance your skills. It will also make you more employable – a win-win!

Elevate Your learning: The invaluable experiences you gain will enrich your college course and studies, giving you a well-rounded education and preparing students for modern life by helping them with the softer, interpersonal skills crucial in today’s competitive job market.

It’s time to Elevate and discover the world of opportunities waiting for you at HRUC. 

Your future begins here.