GCSEs/Functional Skills English & Maths

Many higher education institutions and employers demand a high level of understanding in English and maths.

If you are 16-18 and studying a full-time programme at the college, our aim is to ensure you leave having achieved the best English and maths grades you can. Classes fit in with your main study programme. You will be in a group that is at the right level, based on your prior experience and grades. All students will work towards the equivalent of grade 4/5 (grade C) or above at GCSE.
If you are over 19, looking to continue your education, or have been out of full-time education for some time, then we have part-time courses in Functional Skills English and maths from Entry level to Level 2, including GCSE. These will develop speaking, reading, writing and functional maths.
There are no entry requirements. You will need to undertake an initial assessment to match you to an appropriate level. We take account of prior formal qualifications. Courses are run over 2 semesters in the evening for Functional Skills. You can only study one subject per semester and will be able to move up the levels in the subject studied, or switch subjects over in the second semester.
All courses will have a final exam/controlled assessment at the end, with certificates of achievement provided.
These programmes require some out of the classroom studying. We will provide access to Century which is an online learning platform to support your learning and development.
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If you have been out of education for some time, we have some sample resources (see links below) covering Functional Skills. It would be useful to work through these resources in readiness for sitting the initial assessments and helping develop your confidence with the content of these programmes. 

Functional Skills

  pdf FS Entry 3 English (4.69 MB)

  pdf FS Entry 3 Maths (Money & Number) (1.08 MB)

  pdf FS Entry 3 Maths (Measure, Shape & Data Handling) (2.24 MB)

Functional Skills (Level 1)

  pdf FS Level 1 English (4.50 MB)

  pdf FS Level 1 Maths (Money & Number) (1.13 MB)

  pdf FS Level 1 Maths (Measure, Shape & Data Handling) (1.96 MB)


  pdf GCSE English (5.13 MB)

  pdf GCSE Maths (Money & Number) (1.20 MB)

  pdf GCSE Maths (Measure, Shape & Data Handling) (1.87 MB)