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Intu Piano 11292018 006Pictured: L-R Jade Thomas and Natasha House from intu Uxbridge, student Rhys Shirley, and Ray Griffin, Acting Section Manager for Performing Arts and Music.

The baby grand piano that’s been playing at intu Uxbridge for the last four years was delivered to Uxbridge College's Hayes Campus, where it will help to create the musicians of the future.

The shopping centre has donated the beautiful black Bentley piano for free, after it invited local organisations, schools and community groups to come forward if they were interested in giving it a new home.

Uxbridge College was chosen as the recipient after it told intu Uxbridge of the difference it would make to its students.

intu Uxbridge general manager Laurie Taylor said: “We are delighted that the baby grand piano will continue to make the people of Uxbridge smile. We chose Uxbridge College as the recipient, as we know that it will be very loved and well used by students. We liked the idea that it could play a part in nurturing the musicians of the future, too!”

The shopping centre has donated the piano to the community to make way for new and exciting experiences for its shoppers in the months and years to come.

Ray Griffin, Acting Section Manager for Performing Arts and Music at Uxbridge College, said: “We are very excited to receive the piano and promise to look after it well. Our students cannot wait to start practising on it. We are very grateful to intu Uxbridge for this generous donation – it is truly proof that community spirit is still alive and kicking in Uxbridge.”

The piano will be located outside the Edge Theatre box office at Uxbridge College’s Hayes Campus, and will mainly be used by Music and Performing Arts students including on Open Days and show nights.

A small plaque will be put on the beautiful piece of equipment, highlighting that it was donated by intu Uxbridge.

Netball Regional Tournament 18.19Uxbridge College Netball Academy team is celebrating after winning a place in the Association of Colleges’ Sport National Championships 2019 in Nottingham to represent London.

The new ‘London Champions’ won the AoC Sport Regional Tournament with 3 wins and 1 draw. They won against Newham Sixth Form College, Waltham Forest College and St Charles Sixth Form College, and drew with Sir George Monoux College.

Uxbridge College Netball Academy, which works in collaboration with Blaze Netball Club, is a full-time programme of study combined with professional netball development and coaching. The athletes are a mixture of Sports, A Levels, GCSE and Electrical Engineering students.

Nikki Glendinning, Head Coach, said: “I cannot express how proud I am of these ladies, the self-discipline and the teamwork they showed at this event was admirable. They have worked incredibly hard and will continue to do so in order to perform their very best in the national finals next year.”

Netball Academy students benefit from a range of opportunities including the chance to play competitively in the National League, guest speakers, work experience, opportunity to play in competitive matches for Blaze Netball Club, sports therapy and competitive fixtures against other colleges and schools take place every Wednesday.

The team will now compete in the finals at the University of Nottingham’s David Ross Sports Village and local facilities in April next year.

IMG 0003Students attended an inspiring talk by blogger and digital media specialist Eric Stoller as part of Healthy Social Media Week at Uxbridge College.

Eric is the Student Affairs and Technology blogger for Inside Higher Ed and speaks at events, colleges and university about the use and impact of digital media, and how social media can be used in learning and engagement. He guided students on the impact of their ‘digital footprint’ on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and how to create a professional image to boost their employment potential on LinkedIn.

Healthy Social Media Week combined messages about how students can stay safe online and use social media responsibly, with how to support and improve their mental health. It also looked at the ways the two were linked and the impact social media and mobile phone use can have on their health.

Messages included education on:

* The risks of spending too much time on social media including anxiety and depression, lack of sleep, developing a negative body image, cyber-bullying and FOMO (fear of missing out)

* How to help control social media usage by using specialist features on iPhones and Android phones that monitor and limit phone use, and Apps such as Hold which generates prizes for users who reduce their phone use

* Kooth App which provides free anonymous online counselling and support for young people.

Students could also win an ‘Internet Safety badge’ by successfully completing the Safe Online Quiz.

Liam Plumridge, Course Team Leader for Employability, Progress and Review, said: “We know that young people are becoming increasingly anxious because of how they are using social media, from lack of sleep to ‘fear of missing out’ to developing a negative body image. Healthy Social Media Week is part of the college’s ongoing strategy to help students develop better habits - social media should be something students enjoy and use responsibly in balance with other activities and the college certainly wants to do everything possible to support them in this.”

Uxbridge College supports students to lead healthy lifestyles physically and mentally with a range of ongoing activities and support.


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