Students on Creative Arts courses at Uxbridge College have transformed a plain corridor with a vivid mural they designed themselves.

The students worked together to design and paint the 32 foot long mural on the corridors of their study area.

The project to create the orange, black and white abstract design took around two weeks and helped the students develop skills in planning, organisation, attention to detail and completion of the commissioned art and design project.

The students are on Creative Arts courses at Levels 1, 2 and 3 - learners on these courses often progress within the college to a higher level, or go on to university.

Seth Maximen, Art & Design Lecturer, said: “This was a really successful project and they did an excellent job of combining creativity and originality with all the practical requirements such as working out how much paint they needed! It is quite a complex task as well to transfer a small paper design onto a wall, but they did an amazing job of it. We think it’s a great result and it’s definitely made the corridor look a whole lot better.”