National Apprenticeship Week 2016, from 14 to 18 March, showcases apprentices and apprentice employers.

One of the many successful apprentice partnerships supported by Uxbridge College is between Natural Beauty salon in Eastcote and their Beauty Therapist Jordan Droy (pictured right). Jordan, who has now completed her NVQ Level 3 Apprentice qualification, has done so well she was honoured in the Apprentice of the Year Award category at West London Business Awards as a runner-up. Jordan’s manager Kelly Foulger (pictured left) talked about why apprentice training was so important to Natural Beauty and what it meant to see Jordan honoured with this award.

Kelly said: “Jordan is so meticulous with her technique and so focused on an excellent end result that her clients have nicknamed her 'The Perfectionist'. She has built up an extremely loyal client base and clients also adore her for her approach and ability to talk to anyone about anything, as well as for her brilliant skills.

“There has never been an apprentice to progress so quickly through their course with such a great attitude to learning. Although she was only 17 when she started working with us, she is the most pro-active apprentice we have ever had, she doesn’t just want to learn her craft, she wants to be the very best. Because of her level of technical skills and ability to explain details clearly and fully, Jordan is involved in training junior apprentices and new team members, even those who have had longer industry experience than her. And she has done all this while working extremely hard to build up her own confidence and find her niche as a young beauty therapist.

“We were all so thrilled when Jordan was acknowledged at the West London Business Awards. When we entered her, in partnership with Uxbridge College, we weren’t sure if we’d done enough to show what an outstanding apprentice she was, but I guess we must have done something right! Getting an award and attending the ceremony itself was amazing - I don’t think we’d realised what a major event it was or how many other people from the business community would be involved. It was great for Jordan to get recognition from other people in the business world for all the hard work she has put in.

“We’re just a small business but this proves it’s not the size of the business that counts, it’s what you put into place to help your staff achieve. Sometimes when you’re a small business you can think your ideas are small – but this proves that even small businesses can be a big success. We have a training programme for all our staff and it helps everyone grow and supports the business as a whole. Our schedule is updated every month, we make sure we have a budget for it and give people time to learn and to develop. Our staff also support each other and share skills which helps to ensure we develop very rounded beauty therapists.

“I would definitely recommend taking on an apprentice, we’ve had great support from Uxbridge College and it is the perfect way to shape people in the right way for your business.”

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