Uxbridge College students celebrated achievements which have led them straight into top-up degrees - entering Honours degree courses in the third and final year - or into specialist or managerial roles.

The students - now officially 'graduates' - put on gowns and mortar boards for their Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Higher National Diploma (HND) graduation ceremony at Brunel University on Wednesday 4 November. The qualifications are taught at university level and equivalent to up to two years of a degree.

Awards were presented to graduates in business, computing, engineering and travel and tourism.

Laraine Smith, Principal of Uxbridge College, said: “I would like to congratulate all our graduates this year and recognise what a huge achievement it is to succeed at this level. HNCs and HNDs are taught at university degree level, and are the highest available level of qualification at Uxbridge College, so it is obviously very impressive to complete one of these courses successfully. We know from long experience that HNDs and HNCs are highly valued as professional and specialist qualifications by key employers, as well as offering an access route to the final year of an honours degree."

The graduates received their certificates and diplomas from Steven Cochran, Chair of Governors at Uxbridge College.

Over 50% of the College’s HND graduates each year go straight into the final year of an Honours degree, at universities around the UK. The rest may continue working, often in a new role at a specialist or management level.

Awards were presented for the following qualifications: the BTEC HNC Level 4 Diploma in Computing and Systems Development, Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; and the BTEC HND Level 5 Diploma in: Business; Computing Games Development; Computing & Systems Development; Electrical/Electronic Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Travel and Tourism Management.