Prince’s Trust learners at Uxbridge College have taken part in a competition to showcase their community work as part of the trust’s 25th Anniversary celebrations.

The students on the Prince’s Trust Team Programme, a course for young people age 16-25 years, made a short film of their volunteer work improving a local children’s centre and elderly people’s residences.

The learners entered the competition, open to teams across the country, with the video of their community projects. The group sold drinks and snacks to raise money towards the projects, designed their own stencils to decorate a fence at the children’s centre, and cleared leaves and other rubbish from the grounds of the elderly people’s homes. Images from the various activities were included in the film.

Stephanie Gayle-Isaacs, Team Leader at the Prince’s Trust Programme at Uxbridge College, said: “The students on the Prince’s Trust Team Programme got a huge amount out of these projects, and making the film taught them a lot too. It’s great for them to work at the heart of their community and see what a difference their efforts can make to others, as well as to learn such a wide range of skills.”

The team members were Anisa Bhatti, Jaydeep Neta, Michael Harris, Szymon Nocon, Dwayne Sansom, and Melissa Todd. Anisa was also selected for a Jack Petchey award, winning £200 which will go towards a celebratory meal and buying resources for other teams such as waterproof clothing.

The Team Programme is for young people who would like to broaden their experience, and develop their confidence and personal skills. As well as the community projects the qualification includes work skills, team projects, residential trips and caring for others.

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